Recognize the Presence of the Anointing

“As you recognize My anointing it is well with you, as you recognize the presence of the anointing, it is well with you. For the anointing is there to help you.

The reason of the anointing is to help, so that, what a soul cannot do on his own; with the anointing he can do.

The basic reason of the anointing I tell you again is to help, with that help, a man is able to catapult from the natural into the supernatural.

With the anointing, you operate under the rules of the supernatural, no more under the rules of the physical or natural. The anointing brings all kinds of help, so that what could not be done with the physical might, can be done with the spiritual might of the Holy Ghost.

The word help may be simple, but what it consist of, is a dynamic power that transcends the imagination of any man, the ordinary will or the mortal will of a man.

Anointing is the dynamic power of the Holy Ghost to fulfill the will and purpose of God in the life of a man, the dynamic power to bring liberty into the life of a man.

For that simple word, help, to be activated, it takes the dynamic power of the Holy Ghost. It is beyond the comprehension of any mighty power. The dynamic power of Help, which is called anointing, comes only by the Holy Ghost, not by any man and comes only when you recognize the power of the anointing.

When the anointing is upon a man, that man must recognize it all times, for it to be in activation mood, and when it is so, the unexpected must be expected, or the unimagined must be imagined or expected.

When the anointing is in the activation mood, nothing can be compared to it; for I do not want to compare anything to it.

So that little word help, which the anointing does, nothing can compare to it. For even when it is a simple help that is carried out by the Holy Ghost, it is greater and mightier than any force that any man can comprehend.

And so it is that I could go on and on, says the Spirit of God, however, it suffices to say that, it is the dynamic power that is able to create and restore, and when the dynamic power is activated, it is greater than any force.

Recognize the anointing says the Spirit of God, and meditate on the scripture, “it is not by might, nor by power.” When that scripture has been acknowledged and goes into activation mood nothing can stop it, as the Spirit desires, we shall continue on the anointing series says the Lord.”

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