My Spirit Strives With No Man

And so it is, My word says that My Spirit strives with no man, but it quickens and prompts them that are called by my name and that is the difference.

My Spirit quickens, burdens and illuminates.

As you understand all I have said and you live by it, it is well with you. As you understand perfectly the role of the Holy Spirit, it is well with you.

For My role must be understood in the life of every of My children and it is only by so can My people walk in liberty, knowing My Will and walking the Way, BUT when My people do not know My Will and Role, it is not good.

I Prompt, I direct, I Quicken, I Teach BUT I DO NOT STRIVE with any man, and that is why men choose to do that which they do, thinking that they know Me and understand My Way but it shall not be so with you, and so you shall be careful of such fellows, you shall not walk with such fellows.

You shall walk with Me seeking only My counsel, My counsel are unlimited.

Many have not understood the Holy Spirit, they are waiting for the Holy Spirit to strive with them, and when I do not strive with them, they become wise in their own eyes and disobey My Prompts and Quickening.

To all them that have chosen to live by My prompts and Quickening, it is well with them for I am still God, let them wait and listen to My prompts and quickening and not My striving, which I NEVER do.

My word says that woe unto them that are complacent in Zion, you shall not be complacent in Zion. You shall be alert and Zealous in Zion, for in Zeal Paul and all the Apostles were able to walk in their destiny, says the Lord.

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