Gods' Message to America

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

The Lord God led me to this scripture in  Jeremiah 50:6 and 7,

"My people have been lost sheep.

Their shepherds have caused them to go astray.

They have turned them away on the mountains.

They have gone from mountain to hill.

They have forgotten their resting place. 

All who have found them have devoured them.

And their enemies said, we do not offend.

Because they have sinned against Jehovah.

The habitation of righteousness.

Even Jehovah, the hope of their fathers."

The Lord God spoke the following to me likening the scripture above to the current state of America,a nation which has walked out of the God given destiny and going on the way that seems right, 


"Thus says the Lord “Who is a lost sheep? A lost sheep can either be an abandoned sheep or a stray sheep, abandoned in the sense that the shepherd may know where the sheep is, but does not care to go after it."


"Abandoned wherever it is and abandoned in whatever situation, says the Lord."


"Stray sheep in what sense? 

Strayed - gone away from the shepherd, gone away from the sheepfold, in this case the shepherd may not know where the sheep is.

The shepherd may know or may not know the whereabouts of the strayed sheep.

This is the position of many souls in the land of America today. This is the position of many shepherds in America today, many have abandoned the sheep, many have refused to look for the sheep, many have caused the sheep to go astray, says the Lord".


"The mountain of the Lord is My presence, it is supposed to signify the house of the Lord, and that is where many have been turned away from, turned away from My house and my presence, cast off from My presence and My house, says the Lord.


"The hill in that verse, represent other presence, other presence that is not My presence, or what you may call the lesser gods. The hill represents that which is not genuine, the counterfeit, and all that you can think of, and that is where America is now, says the Lord".


"America has forgotten their resting place, their resting place is in Me, Adonai the Lord, and they have wondered away from Me, and so they have automatically wondered from their resting place, the place of peace, also the destiny which I had purposed for them.

In regards to the resting place: Any man who finds Me, finds his destiny, the God Given Destiny for that man, My predestined will and way for that soul, which is also My pleasing perfect will for a man or a woman.

And so is it that because they have wondered away from their resting place, all who found them have devoured them. Through attacks, fear, terror, bondage and all the afflictions of the ‘lesser’ that America lives in today.

Do you understand this? Do you know the work of the accuser of the brethren, it is just as My word says: that whoever breaks the hedge, the serpent shall bite and also because My people have gone out of the sheepfold. And so America is subject to any form of attacks out there, because they are not under the covering of the shepherd, says the Lord."


"Let America understand that there is no unrighteous in Me, therefore the only thing you can find in Me is righteousness, and so I stand as a habitation of righteousness, for even unto every soul that will seek Me, it is as simple as that, the habitation of righteousness, the habitation of holiness. I am a habitation of righteousness to whoever seeks righteousness.

It is just like a man goes to a hotel in your world to relax and to receive comfort, so is any one who comes to Me.

I am just trying to compare the physical five star hotel that a man may go to, to receive comfort, relaxation and pleasure, I signify or stand as a habitation; of course of a more glorious place than a five star hotel, filled with righteousness, filled with joy and peace in the Holy Ghost. Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost.

I signify every form of comfort that a man may seek, and every comfort that America may seek. That is why I am the habitation of righteousness, a habitation of holiness, exactly as the word means, says the Lord."


"I am a place, an abode, a surrounding of righteousness that America should seek and run to.

The hope of their Fathers; the people I used to build this land, all them that believed in Me through the generations, and so Fathers may not be biological fathers, but fathers who have spoken to them about the WAY, Fathers who have spoken to them about the Lord, Fathers who have shown them the way of the Lord, fathers who put their trust in the Lord, Fathers who had Faith in the Lord God of Heaven, says the Lord".

"And so it is, says the Lord, it is not late for America to continue to shine as the light of the world, it is not late to continue to shine as the city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden, but whose light can be seen by all, the nations of the world, says the Lord".


All America needs to do is to remember their first love, and to return back to their first love.


All America needs to do is to humble themselves, and seek My face.


All America needs to do is to walk in righteousness.


All America needs to do is to embrace righteousness because sin is a reproach to every   nation. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to the people of a nation.


America must know that sin should not be added to sin as it is happening in the land now, Says the Lord.

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