Every Man Needs My covering

Deep Prophetic Revelation Insight

The many who will seek refuge in Me shall find rest. For the times call for seeking refuge says the Lord.

During a storm the man without protection shall surely be wet but the one that is protected shall not be wet, so is the times compared to.

Men should seek refuge in Me. For my word says whoever comes to Me I shall not cast out. I shall always give refuge.

These times are compared to water that is boiling and has come to a boiling point, so every man needs a covering; it is My refuge and My covering that will give protection.

I am always available to give refuge.

Refuge is what men all over should seek in Me, that is what men should look for, refuge in me says the Lord, for I am available.

To those who have ears let them hear.

It is well with you as you seek refuge, says the Lord.

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