Behold Me With The Eyes of Faith

Deep Prophetic Revelation Insights

It is well with you, as you behold me with the eyes of faith. For without faith it is impossible to please God, for he that comes to me must believe that I exist, that is first and foremost, and that I AM the rewarder of them that diligently seek Me.

With this same faith you must be able to perceive and believe that I AM.

Tell my people that this is what I say, that without faith it is impossible to please God. They need faith to hear Me, and to obey Me, without faith you cannot do both.

Do my people understand this, the fundamentals of the Christian walk is faith.

For he that must come to Me must believe that I AM, and so the apostle Paul was able to say I know whom I have believed in.

Many worship but do not know whom they worship, and so if they do not know who they worship, how can they then hear from Me.

I need the faith of every man to be operational, to be at work, a wholesome faith, the faith that believes that I AM. These words are very important for the Christian walk. When I told Moses that IAM THAT I AM, I was emphasizing that I exist. Whosoever desires to hear from Me must believe that I exist.

Do not shorten my message this time around; I need my people to hear my word, just as I say it. This is my message to the church of the Living God, to my people who are called by my name. If you are called by my name do you believe that I exist, like I told Moses?

For all mortal men and everything shall pass away, but I exist forever, this is the meaning of I AM THAT I AM.

So whoever must come to the Lord must believe that I AM, that I exist, before the reward comes, that man who is seeking Me must believe that I AM, and so to hear from Me, they must be in tune by faith to hear from Me.

Let every man meditate on this and review, reconsider where you have placed Me in your lives. Let everyman truly know and believe that I AM, I exist and I speak and so it is possible to hear from the Lord one on one.

This is my message to the church of the Living God. This is my emphasis; My Existence Is Real.

Therefore I exist and so I speak and so men can hear from Me. They should stop saying they cannot hear from God,..’ we do not know his decision’ ‘we cannot hear from God’ This is due to lack of faith, they should consider and review where they have placed Me in their lives. I AM THAT I AM, I AM REAL. Says the Lord.

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